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Tafelapparaat C-Serie
Dit apparaat is uit te breiden met diverse ergonomische opties

Hacona C-type

Tabletop sealing device

The C-type sealing machines from Hacona distinguish themselves by:

* Flexibility
* Stable and robust machine frame
* Good closure of the product to be packaged
* Correct time setting for different foil materials
* Optimal safety
* Modular construction

Fexible solutions


5 sealing bar sizes assure maximum flexibility

The hacona C – type impulse heat sealing machines are produced in 5 different sealing bar length. This wide product range assures maximum flexibility to choose the right machine size for the right application. For small bag sizes the C – 220 impulse film sealing machine offers best place saving solution. If all kind of different bag sizes are used in packaging, than the C – 820 offers the most flexible solution, because all bag sizes can be sealed on one machine.

Choose the right machine size referring to the biggest bag size used in packaging process.

Machine type:       Sealing length (cm & inch).        Power (W)
C – 220.                  220 mm = 8 inch.                          180 W
C – 320.                  320 mm = 12 inch.                        218 W
C – 420.                  420 mm = 16 inch.                        248 W
C – 620.                  620 mm = 24 inch.                        365 W
C – 820.                  820 mm = 32 inch.                        468 W
All of the C – type impulse film sealing machines are working on impulse sealing principle. The sealing wire gets only hot when sealing bar is closed.

•Maximum safety
•Maximum energy saving

General information: All hacona film sealing machines, including the hacona C – type are designed to seal also narrow packaging films with a wide sealing bar size!

Example: With a C – 820 impulse film sealing machine it is possible to seal very narrow, even 50 mm (2 inches) or 100 mm (4 inches) wide packaging film. No mechanical adjustments are needed to work with 50 mm (2 inches) or even with the 820 mm (32 inches) packaging film.

The sealable maximum materialthickness (absolute material thickness) for all C – type impulse film sealing machines is:

PEPolyethilene200 micron
PPPolypropylene200 micron
Multi layer - laminated film 100 micron
(depending on the type of the lamination!)

Sealing Length

Super strong sealing bar guiding technology

With this revolutionary NEW sealing bar guiding funnel technology we make the closing of the sealing bar safe and stabil. Thanks to the specially designed sealing bar closing handle with funnel guiding, even the very long sealing bars (C – 620 and C – 820) are guided absolute smooth and safe to the parallel closing position.
With this funnel we assure, that the complete length of the sealing bar is always exactly above the sealing wire.

The sealing bar handle and the funnel are made out of ultra strong plastic with fiber technology.
By closing the sealing bar with the handle in the front right sealing bar, pressure is always guarantied.
Machine behuizing

Machine Frame

Ultra strong magnesium-aluminium body

The machine body and the sealing bar of each C – type impulse seat sealer is made out of ultra strong magnesium-aluminium profile. This technology assures super strong base and absolute flat surface for the special designed impulse sealing wire. In parallel we guarantee with the special designed aluminium ribs inside the frame also a proper and fast cooling of the sealing wires after the sealing cycle is finished.

Powder painted - orange color: For general purpose. Can be used in all kind of industries.

Silver anodized: For food industry, pharmaceutical industry and some part of chemical industry. ATTENTION: The surface is not acid-proof!

Machine housing

C-type impulse sealing machines with powder coating surface

Orange is the color behind the brand. From the beginning, hacona has been producing all its products with the typical orange color of the factory. Perfect look that reflects quality - is one of the most important aspects that our engineers have in mind when developing a product. We do not even accept any compromises in the high quality and in the top appearance.

The entire machine is designed to guarantee the highest safety. The machine body and the connecting parts are mounted so precisely that there is not even a single opening between them. No free-running cables and no openings on the frame of the machine. It all serves safety!

CI-type impulse sealing machines with silver anodised surface

All CI type Impulse Sealing machines can be used in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Anodizing (surface treatment) of the machine frame makes the surface of the aluminum profile absolutely smooth and reinforced. With this surface treatment, the CI-type film sealing machine frame is now even more resistant to shocks and mechanical impact.


A technology without compromise: 
The specially designed C-type sealing wire tentioning systems assure at any temperature level an optimised sealing wire tention. At high temperature values the sealing wire expends itself. Our sealing wire tentioning system is designed to apply optimum tention at any temperature level and assure a free movement of the sealing wire in longitudinal direction.
The specially designed upper PTFE tape is designed to underline this function and to assure free movement of the sealing wire at any time.

2,5 mm ( app. 0,1 inch) wide sealing wire with impulse sealing technology.

•Power saving
•High level of security

All C-type impulse heat sealers work with a 2,5 mm (app. 0,1 inch) wide impulse sealing wire. The sealing length depends always on the size of the machine. All thermoplastic (heat sealable) films up to 200 micron total material thickness can be sealed easily and air tight. The total surface of the sealing wire is PTFE. This avoids sticking of the bag material to the sealing wire.
The C-type impulse heat sealers have an integrated specially designed safety cutting knife system. This cutting knife system enables to produce bags from tubular film or to cut the rest of the film off the bag after sealing.


Stepless adjustement of the sealing time with turning knob.

Adjustment from 1 – 10 values

All C-type impulse heat sealers can be adjusted in sealing time from 1 – 10 values. The sealing wire is time controlled. By adjusting the sealing time the temperature will automatically increase in parallel. The sealing temperature and cooling time can not be set!

A LED light above the turning knob shows the present status of the machine. If the light is off, than the C-type impulse heat sealer is unpluged (the machine is shut OFF). In this condition the machine can be stored or repaired.
By pluging in the machine the LED light will turn yellow. The machine is in stand by mode.

The average consumption in stand by mode is less than 1 W (electrical power).

To work with the machine and to make a sealing the sealing bar has to be closed. The LED light will turn from yellow to red.
Red light shows, that the machine is sealing. After the adjusted time the sealing will stop and the red LED light will turn again yellow.

For perfect sealing result we always suggest to keep the sealing bars closed under pressure for additional 1 – 2 seconds after the sealing is finished (the red lights turn yellow again).


At Hacona SAFETY is not an option! 
We offer the highest SAFETY standards for all hacona film sealing machines.

•SAFETY cutting knife system

All C – type impulse film sealing machines have an integrated safety cutting knife to cut off the rest of the bag above the sealing. The cutting knife can be used also to produce bags from tubular film.
The sharp cutting knife is safely positioned inside the aluminium sealing bar. This assures, that the operator can not cut or hurt himself with the knife before it is activated.
In order to activate the cutting knife the operator has to push down the knife and move it along the complete sealing bar length. After releasing the knife it will slide back into its safe position.

•Impulse film sealing technology

The sealing wire heats up only when the sealing bars are closed. The sealing is activated when the sealing bars are totally closed and the LED light turns from yellow to red. If the operator opens the sealing bar before the sealing cycle is finished, the heating of the sealing wires will be shut off automatically. NO risk of getting burn injuries.
In stand by mode the machine consumes only 1 W electrical power.

Totally closed machine body

The entire machine frame is totally closed. There is not even a slight opening or gap on the machine body. There are no free running electrical cables. Each electrical connection is properly hidden.

The sealing wire is covered with PTFE tape on the total length


Extra robust magnesium-aluminium sealing bar suspension with ball bearing guidance.

The sealing bar and the sealing bar suspension has a special designed geometric form. It is designed to meet high load capacities. By choosing top materials like magnesium-aluminium the loadability of the sealing bars is maximized.

The design of these parts is not just simulated on computer programmes, but also underlined with field of tests. Each final design in the engineering department is tested under real working conditions for a min. of 1.000.000 cycle before the parts are approved for mass production.

We are dedicated to perfection if we talk about high quality sealing.


Offering endless possibilities with ergonomic design.

Each C-type heat sealer can be equipped with following accessories:

•Working table
•Film holding rolls with guiding plates

The C-type sealer can be used by itself as a table top heat sealer. By adding the working table or film holding rolls to the machine the ergonomic working is emphasized.
Each accessory can be added pcs. by pcs. to the machine. The combination possibilities depend on the user.
The working table supports the bag in front of the machine and assures totally flat surface to lay the product on. If the product is extreme long, a second working table can be added and connected to the previous one.

The film holding rolls with the guiding plates can support different size of film rolls. Thanks to the split roll technology it is possible to unwind one roll without unwinding the other one. The guiding plates prevent the narrow film roll from falling to the side.
If several sizes of film rolls are used in the packaging process, a second set of film holding rolls with guiding plates can be added to the machine.

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